Color Lab

Laboratory tool designed to produce color samples starting from 100 cc


  • Minimum drop 1/3840 fl oz (0.0077cc)
  • Patented pump that does not require calibration
  • Dispense zero VOC, water and solvent based colorants
  • 16 circuits for colorants
  • 4 circuits for bases/semifinished products
  • Formulate any color in 100 cc in one minute
  • Easy to interface with third party software

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Optimize formulation

The COLOR LAB is the laboratory equipment able to dispense bases and colorants simultaneously, to reproduce any tint starting from 100 cc, in only one minute. It is designed to optimize the formulation in laboratories both in terms of time and costs.

Green solution

The COLOR LAB is also a green solution, because formulating tints in 100 cc allows laboratories to reduce the consumption of colorants and bases of up to 90%, compared to formulation in one liter. The saving is therefore not only on the quantity of product used, but also on the waste disposal costs.


Mini Mixer

To further optimize the formulation process, the COLOR LAB can be combined with the MINI MIXER, the high speed epicyclical mixer able to mix simultaneously up to three 100 cc samples in 30 seconds. Its speed and ergonomic design, make it the perfect tool to improve productivity, safety and performance.

Ultrasonic humidifier

We designed and patented an innovative ultrasonic humidifier that improves the products behavior in the nozzle area and contributes to a longer and carefree life for the dispenser. Moreover, this solution keeps the water bacteria-free and digitally manage the water reserve level.



The Color Lab is a smart unit equipped with an embedded computer, electronic boards and sensors for all main components, allowing a bi-directional communication in real time from remote. The dispenser can be operate by means of Alfa’s native software or by interfacing it with your actual software.

Dispensing technology

Alfa’s patented pump dispense micro drops of 0.0077cc (1/3840 fl oz), one-tenth of the current standard, with absolute precision and repeatability. This dispensing technology has been thought to dispense bases, semifinished products, zero VOC, water and solvent based colorants, in order to meet the needs of every laboratory.