Thor Master

The only smart unit designed to produce paint with the Master System, suitable for low-medium productivity points of sale.


  • Patented dispensing technology that does not require calibration
  • Dispense zero VOC, water and universal colorants
  • Up to 16 circuits for colorants
  • Up to 5 extra circuits for seminifished products and/or bases and/or colorants
  • Colorants minimum drop 1/3840 fl oz (0.0077cc)*
  • Semifinished products and/or bases minimum drop 1/768 fl oz (0.038 cc)* and/or 1/92 fl oz (0.32 cc)*
  • Ability to produce 100 cc samples up to 20 l cans
  • Easy to interface with third party software
  • No PC needed, any tablet or mobile can operate the unit
  • 100% colorants recirculation
  • No purge needed for colorants
  • Upper circuits sequential dispensing; bottom circuits simultaneous dispensing

* Values affected by the nature of the colorants, bases and seminifinished products and their rehological properties

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Ergonomic design

THOR MASTER is a dispenser able to work with the traditional Tinting system and with Master System, able to tint from 100 cc samples up to 20 l cans, expandable for production of color testers, starting from an empty can, adding on the bases/semifinished module; all this in 0,5 sqm.

Master System

THOR MASTER is the only traditional dispensing unit designed to dispense colorants and semifinished products to formulate paint directly on the point of sale. This design allows to work simultaneously with bases from Tinting System and masters from Master System.


Lower TCO

In Alfa, we develop, produce and distribute only high quality smart units, designed to avoid downtime, increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by making the equipment easier to operate and maintain.



The THOR MASTER is a smart unit equipped with an embedded computer, electronic boards and sensors for all main components, allowing a bi-directional communication in real time from remote. The dispenser can be operate by means of Alfa’s native software or by interfacing it with your actual software.

Dispensing technology

Alfa’s patented pump dispense any kind of colorants, including zero VOC, water and universal, with absolute precision and repeatability. The innovative design of the seal-free piston, removes the requirement for calibration, as well as eliminates costs associated with maintaining or replacing mechanical seals.