Color Tester

Vending machine to produce 100 cc paint samples


  • Minimum drop 1/3840 fl. oz. (0.0077cc)
  • Produce up to 280 samples in full autonomy
  • Dispense any color, including off-whites
  • Less than 1sqm footprint
  • Tool to profile customers

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Better customer service

The Color Tester is a smart, user-friendly device designed to satisfy the ongoing quest for better service and engaging customer experience. Consumers can purchase 100 cc samples in full autonomy, reducing the waiting time and the need for an operator.

Promote sales

The Color Tester acts as a sales promoter and the samples produced act as liquid color cards, allowing consumers to assess the paint in the environment where it will be used, giving them confidence about the choice made. In this way, customers can assess not only the color, but also the quality of the product.


High-traffic locations

When placed in high traffic locations, such as shopping malls, the Color Tester acts as a sales promoter, directing new customers to the existing points of sale and increasing their sales of colored paint. It also promotes and increases the visibility of your brand outside traditional channel, acting as 1 square meter of daily advertisement.


The main barrier stopping customer from purchasing paint online, is the low confidence in choosing color through a screen, as there is not yet a reliable and standard way for visualizing it. Samples eliminate this barrier, allowing customers to test the color directly on their walls and then order online the quantity needed to finish the job, simply using the color code printed on each can.



The integrated Linux PC allows a bi-directional communication in real time with all the Color Testers on field, meaning that different actions can be done from remote: access sales statistics, profile your customers and their buying behaviour, check reserve level of all components, run service check-ups, update formulas, and so on.

Dispensing technology

The Color Tester works with Alfa’s patented pumps; these ones do NOT require any calibrations but only an initial set-up, meaning fewer machine downtime and savings on service costs. It’s only thanks to the accuracy and repeatability of this new dispensing technology, that the machine is able to produce any color, including off-whites, in samples of 100 cc.