Mini Mixer

Mix up to three 100 cc paint samples


  • Mix up to three samples simultaneously
  • Product mixed in 30 seconds
  • Works with 100 cc cans
  • Plexiglas lid and ergonomic design
  • Combined with COLOR TESTER in points of sale
  • Combined with COLOR LAB in laboratory

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In laboratory

The MINI MIXER is a high speed mixer abler to mix simultaneously up to three 100 cc samples in 30 seconds. When combined with the COLOR LAB, its speed and ergonomic design, make it the perfect tool to improve productivity, safety and performance.

In Points of Sale

When combined with the COLOR TESTER, the MINI MIXER becomes a very attractive element for on-site branding engagement. The mixer is user-friendly and the transparent lid allow customers to watch while their sample is being mixed, while providing a safe user experience.


Mixing motion

The innovative patented movement of the MINI MIXER, has been designed to mix samples on a 3 axis rotation in order to perfectly homogenize all type of products. The mixer comes with pre-set programmable mixing cycles (30, 45, 60 or 90 seconds) to adapt to all needs.


Its robust but compact design, grants the MINI MIXER an outstanding durability, significantly reducing service costs. The safety panel can be removed in a few steps, leaving access to the moving parts, to the electrical components and to the motor, reducing time for interventions.