Fully Automated Dispenser for the Car Refinish Industry


  • Produce several orders SIMULTANEOUSLY
  • Produce any color, in any quantity, starting from 30gr
  • Modular configuration from 16 to 96 circuits
  • Bidirectional communication from remote
  • 100% product recirculation and no drying issues
  • Increase efficiency, productivity and profitability

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Innovate the Industry

The Car Refinish Project was born to offer to the body shops a fully automated solution for the color mixing process, overcoming the current technological limitations of actual solutions. The CR dispenser is fully integrated with the current technologies (spectrophotometer and formula software) to significantly improve the operators experience and allow them to focus on the activities with more added value.

Benefits for the supply chain

This innovative and disruptive solution benefits the whole supply chain. The paint producer can offer an innovative solution to the body shops, standing out from competition and gaining market shares. On the other hand, body shops can reduce product waste, eliminate mistints, increase productivity and profitability. Finally, the operator can send multiple orders to the dispenser and concentrate on color application.


Modularity and Patented Pump

The CR has a modular configuration from 16 to 96 circuits, with canisters ranging from 1.5 liters to 3 liters. Alfa’s patented pumps, are compatible with both solvent and water based products, they perform 100% products recirculation so there are no drying issues and do NOT require purges and calibrations, meaning fewer machine downtime and savings on service and maintenance costs.

Towards Industry 4.0

The integrated PC allows a bi-directional communication in real time with all the CR on field, meaning that different actions can be done from remote: access production statistics, check reserve level of all components, run service check-ups and so on. Technicians are able to connect to the machine and to analyze the issues before visiting the body shop, solving many of the issues from remote or knowing exactly what the issue is to go prepared to the store.