Vending machine to produce and mix 100cc paint samples


  • Produce up to 280 samples in full autonomy
  • Dispense any color, including off-whites
  • Less than 1sqm footprint
  • Integrated mixer
  • Integrated barcode/QR code scanner
  • Integrated payment system
  • Integrated 27” touch screen

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Digital meets physical

Today, there are many tools available to customers to inspire and to help them selecting a color family. However, when it comes to identifying the exact hue, they are scared to make the wrong choice. Paint samples are the only way to test COLOR and QUALITY of the product directly in the environment they want to renovate, reassuring them on the choice made. The Color Tester acts as a liquid color card, giving customers the possibility to grab 100cc sample pots and test any color in 1sqm.

Enter new sales channels

The Color Tester occupies only 1sqm so it’s the perfect tool to enter new sales channels such as furniture stores and shopping malls. Instead of waiting for customers to come to your stores, with the Color Tester you can be present where they spend more time to inspire them to renovate their home by giving them 100cc paint samples to take home and try. This generates traffic to your existing points of sale, increasing their sales of colored paint. It also increases visibility of your brand outside traditional channels, acting as 1 square meter of daily advertisement.


Towards Industry 4.0

The integrated PC allows a bi-directional communication in real time with all the Color Testers on field, meaning that different actions can be done from remote: access sales statistics, profile your customers and their buying behavior, check reserve level of all components, run service check-ups, update formulas, and so on.

Dispensing technology

The Color Tester works with Alfa’s patented pumps, a technology that does NOT require calibrations, but only an initial set-up, meaning fewer machine downtime and savings on service and maintenance costs. It’s only thanks to the accuracy and repeatability of this new dispensing technology, that the Color Tester is able to produce any color, including off-whites, in 100cc samples with extreme accuracy and repeatability.