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May 22, 2018
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June 18, 2018

As reported by the English magazine “Labmate”, the approaches of Repeatability and Reproducibility are usually considered as desirable by most of companies. In fact, they are the best ways to measure precision, especially in the fields of chemistry and engineering. Particularly, we know that all scientists realize the same experiments in labs many and many times before eventually confirming their findings. And in order to reach these results, they tipically choose between one of the above-mentioned concepts of Repeatability and Reproducibility. But what they consist of?

We can talk about Repeatability when the same scientists use for their experiments the same locations, measurement procedures, measuring instruments, and of course under the same conditions. Moreover, experiments normally have to be repeated over a short period of time.

We may refer to Reproducibility instead when there are scientific examinations conducted by different analysts, at different locations and with different instruments. We can add that this method tests our ability to replicate other scientists’ findings.

In Alfa, our specialized engineers and chemists always take advantage of both methods: our aim, in fact, is not only to carry out the necessary “machine tests” to guarantee the best results in terms of efficiency and quality, but also to provide very reliable machines to our customers, also characterized by a high level of “color reproducibility” even by the passing of the years.

➤ About Repeatability, it is through this method that Alfa accomplished a relevant goal: setting up machines with an extremely limited dispensed quantity for each drop of color and a really high accuracy. The latter concept is strictly connected to the one of repeatability: as all experts say, it is possible for a system to be repeatable and not accurate, but an ideal system is one that is both repeatable and accurate, that is exactly what our machines do. For instance, our Color Lab smart unit is characterized by:

  • a minimum dispensed quantity of 1/3840 fl. oz. (0,0077 cc)
  • a ±1% accuracy
  • a can size starting from 100 cc .

➤ About Reproducibility, as said before, Alfa delivers very reliable machines to its customers, all with a series of outstanding features. Among the other ones, we want to put in evidence now:

  • the excellent level of “color reproducibility”, always constant even by the passing of the years
  • NO NEED of any calibration of our machines’ sealless piston pumps (apart a first set-up of the circuits). This means, of course, a drastic reduction not only of maintenance visits for machine re-calibrations but also of mistints due to the differences in quantity of colorant dispensed.

Last but not least, these aspects are naturally common to all Alfa’s Paint Dispensers:

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