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November 14, 2018
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July 4, 2019

In the Paint sector, we talk about Customer Journey to define the steps usually made by the final consumers, from inspiration to color selection, up to purchasing. Various research show that color is the main driver when buying paint. However, selecting color is also the most critical step of the Color Journey, as consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to choose from a growing range of colors and products. This said, how are Paint Producers addressing the issue today, trying to offer the most valuable solution to their customers?

The most common solution offered has always been color fan decks and color chips, which can help consumers getting an idea of the color, but they are usually too small to understand if the chosen color is effectively the right one for them. Moreover, from the Paint Producer point of view, these tools are quite expensive to produce and they are usually distributed for free on the point of sale.

Another solution is represented by ready-mix samples, the best way to prove customers how a particular color/product will look once applied on their walls. Unfortunately, due to production and logistics costs, ready mix samples are usually available in only 30-40 colors, giving very little choice to end consumers.

The third solution is given by the most recent digital Apps that are able to inspire and guide the user to explore, visualize and make decisions on their own environment. However, what these Apps lack is to visualize what is digital into the physical world. This is what Alfa and Paradox have been doing: joining forces to offer a digital solution that lets you physically visualize your choice through 100ml paint samples made on the point of sale just on time!

What are the advantages of such solution from a Paint Producer’s point of view?

  • Offering full color range in only 1 square meter
  • Generating in-store and online sales
  • Standing out from competition
  • Promoting colored paint
  • Profiling customers

And for the final consumer?

  • Getting the right tools to feel reassured about the choices made
  • Testing color and quality of the chosen product in their environment
  • Finding colors always available
  • Experiencing a new modern way of purchasing paint

This solution, which we call New Color Journey, was presented this year at the Global DIY Summit and you can see an extract of it below.