How the “Customer Journey” will change
December 10, 2018
Alfa announce its new shareholder to innovate the world of colour
January 17, 2020

Also this year Alfa  participated as a Platinum Sponsor at the Global DIY Summit 2019, the world’s largest event in the do-it-yourself sector, where approximately 1000 delegates from 55 countries attended the congress. 

By the interaction among the delegates is understood that the “color tester” plays and will play a very important role in the color promotion.

In this edition Alfa  introduced to the DIY TOP companies our new revolutionary equipment: THOR the smallest paint factory in the world. Among others, one of the key features of the new THOR is the “production” of 100 ml “color testers” starting from an empty can, offering a complete color service also in small point of sales.

This year Alfa  booth conveyed the message of disruptive solutions to meet the needs of the current business scenario for color service in the DIY environment.

Alfa  was joined at the event by its pivotal partners XRite and Paradox, to present the concept of “Color Journey”, from color recognition system to color paint sample production.