Produce 100ml paint samples just in time
January 27, 2020
Covid-19 Update
March 13, 2020
Produce 100ml paint samples just in time
January 27, 2020
Covid-19 Update
March 13, 2020

Master System

Since the introduction of Tinting System, paint companies have been used to produce paint on the point of sale through multiple bases coloured on request by tinting machines that dispense colorants. This has enhanced the service offered to the final costumer by offering a higher range of colours, but it also introduced several compromises such as higher cost of coloured paint compared to in-plant production and higher quantity of TiO2 and colorants used due to the fixed amount of TiO2 in the bases.

ALFA has developed a system that allows paint companies to produce their current range of waterbase products eliminating all compromises of the Tinting System. Most importantly, it’s the only system that allows to MAINTAIN THE SAME QUALITY, COLOUR and COST of coloured paint from factory to point of sale production.

The Master System works with only one prefilled can -called Master– for each product. This is simply a neutral product that is finished on the point of sale with a small machine that dispense colorants and semi-finished products. The Master System is a modular process that reproduces water-based coloured paint; it’s not a new way of formulating products, but simply a process of disassembling and reassembling the formula at POS, optimizing the use of all components. It works for different paint qualities, guaranteeing constant opacity and quality among all colour spectrum. This fully modular technological solution can be implemented in several ways and depending on specific market’s needs.

Alfa owns the integrated know-how to develop and implement the Master System: chemical, colorimetric aspect, fluid dynamic, mechanics, automation and software. This patented system and the dispensers necessary to implement it, have been developed by Alfa’s team, led by Edoardo Rossetti who has more than 50 years of experience in paint production and dispensers manufacturing. Today more than 15 paint producers around the world are developing or implementing the Master System in their markets and confirm the advantages below:

Advantages for the manufacturer

Imagine a lean factory, where there is a lower consumption of raw materials, where SKUs are dramatically reduced, where there is no need to check the colour strength of the bases, where the productivity is higher but with lower costs. This is exactly how a Master factory works:

  •  Lower consumption of TiO2
  • Lower consumption of colorants
  • Eco-sustainability
  • Fewer equipment washing
  • Higher productivity and flexibility
  • Constant quality from factory to POS
  • Constant colour from factory to POS
  • Constant cost from factory to POS
  • Fewer SKUs
  • Fewer out of stock issues
  • Lower inventory and logistic costs
  • Lower working capital
  • Lower cost of investment
  • Lower workforce needed
  • Enhanced service to POS
  • Unique proposition to enter new markets

Advantages for the point of sale

Imagine a store where the same product and colour range sold today occupies a third of the space, where product rotation is higher and there are no out-of-stock issues, where the store operator can be trained easily due to the easy of the system and where the rest of the space can be used to offer a better service and more support to customers.

  • Lower space occupied
  • Higher product rotation
  • Better service to costumers
  • Lower out of stock issues
  • Easier to use for the operator
  • Fewer mistints and claims
  • Fewer SKU’s
  • Lower working capital