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September 17, 2018
Repeatability and Accuracy always constant: possible or not?
October 8, 2018

Today, in the Paint sector, software are mainly seen as tools through which a company can manage its dispensers. What Alfa has been doing in these years is to develop new software useful not only to control companies’ dispensers, but their whole business. In this article, the point we want to focus on are the marketing benefits a company could get by using the innovative Alfa Cloud, that we are going to describe here below.

Since the beginning, Alfa has always been very sensitive and open to any kind of innovation, naturally in the field of software as well. In fact, the company has developed in the last years a platform built to fully interact with all company departments (Service & Maintenance, Laboratory and Marketing mainly) to face any companies’ needs. In fact, Alfa Cloud provides a deep insight into the market development, with an unlimited amount of real-time data, statistics tailored to every company needs and periodic reports generated automatically. Furthermore, being a web-based software, information can be accessed from anywhere, anytime from authorized users.

Once introduced the software, we can analyze now the main marketing benefits obtained through it:


  • Assessing business performance: information is available on base paint, colorants, colors, customers, color cards and dispensers. That said, the program gives the freedom to combine different sources of information, with endless overviews on multiple levels. Moreover, by combining data, any company can get an understanding of how its market is developing. Of course, it is possible to gain an insight into how products are performing in the market, as well as how individual Paint dispensers are generating revenue
  • Predicting market trends: by getting all the information above-mentioned, it is also possible to foresee market trends. For instance, through the statistics resulting from machines’ activity, every company can understand what colors or qualities of Paint are more or less purchased, thus increasing or reducing their production
  • Managing consumers’ data (only available for our Color Tester dispenser): once obtained specific data by all customers, we can use them in order to set up detailed marketing activities to help companies generating more sales at the POS.


Having said that, we can easily understand how important could Alfa Cloud be in Paint companies, becoming an essential tool for the Marketing Departments’ daily work.

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