“Alfa Cloud” software: what marketing benefits could a Paint company get?
September 19, 2018
Alfa at the NOVA Paint Club meeting
October 19, 2018

Talking about the matter of dispensing equipment, all those work in this sector know that “repeatability” and “accuracy” of the machines are definitely key concepts. Generally, the first results that Paint producers look at in the development of its dispensing technologies are strictly connected to those issues, with the aim to get a consistent staining over time, in any format and always in a proper time. Moreover, the process should be repeatable and accurate both in short and long-term periods, with the equipment always dispensing the same quantity of paint and able to do that in different volumes (quart, gallon and bucket). Now, how can a Paint company get such relevant goals?

In this regard, we had already started a discussion on the topic in one of our past articles (Repeatability vs Reproducibility: a little talk), published on May 30th, where we explained the differences between the two concepts. Specifically, it is through the “repeatability method” that Alfa machines can reach significant results, such as the extremely limited dispensed quantity for each drop of color and a really high accuracy, a concept strictly connected to the one of repeatability, as mentioned above. Furthermore, most experts agree that a system can be repeatable but not accurate by force, while an ideal system is the one to guarantee these features at the same time, just like Alfa smart units. For instance, our Color Lab main features are the following:

  • dispensed quantity of 0,0077 cc (1/3840 fl. oz.)
  • ±1% accuracy
  • can size starting from just 100 cc.


Going deeper with the matters of repeatability and accuracy, it looks useful to analyze the Alfa seal-free pump as well. About that, it has been shown that the pump always maintains the same average flow rate during its whole life cycle, without any wear issues (in theory, real and average flow rate remain mostly constant). The reason is in its internal components: in fact, these ones have been designed not to be subject to colorant abrasion and corrosion, unlike other kinds of pumps susceptible to continuous and progressive wearing.

Last but not least: the Alfa pump only needs an initial calibration to set it up. Subsequently, no more recalibrations or other settings will be required in the future, as our pump always guarantees the same performance over time.